A Year In the Life

Young People's Opera Society of BC

by YPOSBC · March 24, 2018

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The YPOSBC program runs year-round, with reduced activity over the summer months and Christmas holidays. Rehearsals are led by a team of highly qualified music educators, including three vocal coaches and a professional accompanist. The production team is made up of the artistic director, stage director, stage manager and assistant stage manager, all mentored and supported by the production manager. Dance and stage fight choreographers are hired as needed.

In early January YPOSBC presents a Vocal Master Class led by one of the society's vocal coaches or a guest coach. These weekends are an effective shot in the arm for the singers, giving them a clearer sense of their own voices, learning what needs to be worked on vocally; adjudication by the coaches and an opportunity to listen to and bond with their fellow singers.

Starting mid-January, the singers rehearse and train for the spring production, covering a range of material:

  • Vocal strengthening and agility;
  • Sight reading and analysis of challenging music (tailored to specific age groups and abilities);
  • Learning staging and stage movement; and
  • Learning about set movement, changing scenes and working with set pieces and props.

In summer, many of the singers produce and perform in a series of 'Iced Tea' concerts that continue their vocal and performance work, as well as developing their team engagement and self-confidence. The society also presents an opera workshop for KidsWorld Vancouver, an organization that provides one-day programs during July and August, for children aged 2-16 years. The last three weeks in August are spent preparing for and starting work on the music for the Christmas program.

September starts with two weekends of master classes, again set up as auditions. The artistic director's decisions about roles and placements are based on these auditions. They are also extremely important in order to prepare any participants who wish to pursue a professional career in music.

Rehearsals and training for the year-end production begin mid-September. In those sessions, participants build on the vocal training, staging work and music study instituted the first half of the year. Work also begins on the next year's spring production.

YPOSBC welcomes new members of all ages to sing, serve on the board of directors or volunteer for the production team. For more information email info@yposbc.org